Set Off Your Summer Tan with a Zoom!® Professional Teeth Whitening

Jun 07, 2023
Set Off Your Summer Tan with a Zoom!® Professional Teeth Whitening
Nothing shows off your incredible summer tan like a bright, white smile. And you can dramatically lighten your teeth in an hour or less when you choose Zoom!® professional teeth whitening. Here’s what you need to know about Zoom!

As summer shifts into high gear, your deepening tan turns a spotlight on your smile. Now is the time to make the most of your glowing appearance and set off your tan with whiter teeth.

You can get a brilliant smile without forfeiting time at the beach when you choose professional teeth whitening with Zoom!®.

Your professional Zoom! treatment only takes an hour or less, and in that time, the team at Fremaux Dental Care can lighten your teeth by up to eight shades.

You don’t need multiple treatments or weeks of diligently applying a home teeth whitening product. Instead, you can hit the beach with a noticeably brighter smile as soon as you leave the office.

Here’s what to expect during your Zoom! professional teeth whitening.

Before your Zoom! appointment

It’s essential to have a dental checkup before your teeth whitening appointment. During your checkup, we verify that your tooth discoloration can be treated with a topical whitener. The tissues inside your teeth can also turn yellow or darken and that type of discoloration needs a different treatment than surface stains.

We also need to be sure you don’t have any problems like cavities or cracks. We can’t apply the powerful whitening gel if the enamel has openings that would allow the active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide, to penetrate deep into the tooth and reach the pulp, which is where all the nerves and blood vessels reside.

When applied to the tooth surface, concentrated hydrogen peroxide does an exceptional job of eliminating stains, but it doesn’t go down to the pulp. If the tooth enamel has any openings, like cracks or cavities, the chemical can reach the sensitive pulp, causing tissue damage and inflammation.

Zoom! teeth whitening process

Here’s a rundown of the basic steps during your Zoom! teeth whitening:

Step 1: Choosing the shade

Before taking any other steps, we first evaluate the current shade of your teeth. You can see the shade range, find where your tooth color is on the spectrum, and choose how light you want to go during your teeth whitening. We’ll also take photos so we can compare before and after images.

Step 2: Protecting the delicate tissues

One of the benefits of a professional teeth whitening is that we carefully protect your gums and lips. Hydrogen peroxide can easily irritate these delicate tissues, so we use a retractor to keep your lips away from the bleaching agent and cover your gums with a protective barrier.

If you’ve tried over-the-counter teeth whiteners and they irritated your gums, it’s because you can’t properly protect the tissues at home.

Step 3: Applying the whitening gel

We precisely apply the whitening gel, making sure that the entire outer tooth is covered with the active ingredient. The hydrogen peroxide breaks apart the stains, effectively lifting them from your teeth.

The Zoom! gel has a much higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide compared to at-home teeth whitening products, and this is one reason why you can get such fast and fabulous results.

Step 4: Shining a light

Zoom! works quickly for two reasons: The strength of the whitening gel and its special light. After the gel is on your teeth, we place a blue LED light in front of your mouth. The light accelerates the whitening action of the gel.

Step 5: Relaxing through 15-minute sessions

The Zoom! gel stays on your teeth for 15 minutes. Then we remove it, assess the color, and repeat the process if needed to achieve a lighter shade. Nearly everyone reaches their desired results in two or three 15-minute sessions. We can also give you a fourth session if needed.

Step 6: Applying a protective product

For the final step, we apply a protective product to the enamel on each tooth. This reduces or stops the temporary tooth sensitivity that commonly occurs after teeth whitening.

Extending the life of your teeth whitening

You can also purchase a Zoom! home-whitening kit to extend the life of your professional teeth whitening. If you want this option, we create customized trays that fit your teeth and hold the home whitening product.

If you’re ready for a professional teeth whitening, call the experienced team at Fremaux Dental Care or click the online booking tab today.